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Columbine Capital’s research services are designed to help professional investors identify stocks with significant excess return (alpha) potential. They are systematic decision-support tools that can enhance the consistency and efficiency of your stock selection process while improving portfolio performance. The Columbine Capital research services span a wide variety of investment strategies and stock characteristics, allowing us to craft a research solution that complements your own investment philosophy and objectives.

US Stock Models

Columbine Capital’s domestic models analyze stocks from the US equity markets based on individual market anomalies and specific investment styles. As of June 15, 2019 we cover 4,755 US stocks.

Stock Selection Models are fully capable of functioning as stand-alone systems to help managers construct, monitor, and manage portfolios in different investment styles:

Component Models analyze stocks on a single anomaly or an individual category of return characteristics. Each of these “building block” models gives portfolio managers a systematic view of one aspect of return:

International (non-US) Stock Models

Columbine Capital’s International models analyze stocks from non-US equity markets with tools appropriate for strategies that make country bets or for country-specific approaches. As of June 15, 2019 we cover over 32,000 non-US stocks.