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Combo Model

The Combo Model is designed to be a general-purpose, style-diversified stock selection tool. A proprietary, quantitative analytic system evaluates stocks on a series of fundamental and technical factors and synthesizes those individual measures into a comprehensive forecast of each stock's probable excess return (alpha) as far out as three years in the future.

We constrain the Combo Model structure to balance the valuation (value) and momentum (growth) inputs. This keeps Combo performing in both value- and growth-favoring markets. We optimize the Combo Model in our entire Columbine 1500 Universe to ensure that it will function well in both large and small-cap stocks.

Combo was Columbine Capital’s first complete Stock Selection Model; we created the original model in 1985 and began publishing Combo Model rankings in 1986. The model has been refined and improved since then—we’ve replaced some factors with better versions, and we’ve added new factors—but the essential model construction process and the Combo Model’s design objectives remain unchanged.

The Combo Model is appropriate for use with funds judged against broad, style-diversified equity benchmarks like the S&P 500 or the Composite 1500, the Wilshire 5000, or the Russell 1000 or 3000 indices.

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